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Hets and No-calls MegaMUGA is a 77K marker genotyping array for mouse based on the Illumia Infinium platform. It is a superset of MUGA, but with additional refinements to more accurately ascertain the genomic state of Collaborative Cross (CC), Diversity Outcross (DO), Genetically Engineered Mutants (GEMs), and wild-caught mice. We are in the process of QCing MegaMUGA's markers and updating our calling algorithms to handle its special probes.  These arrays are no longer available as of May 15, 2015. Please consider using the GigaMUGA array which has most of the markers included on the MegaMUGA chip plus approximatley 100K more.

Here we provide preliminary genotype calls as reported by Illumina's GenCall software. All results are provided as comma separated files with one row per marker. Each marker is identified by a probe name and its genomic position in NCBI Build 37.

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The MRCA data for the 2017 CC Genome Paper can also be downloaded by clicking here.
This is the same data as would be downloaded by using select all for 'MRCA CC Genome Paper 2017 (196)' on the form above.

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